Wordpress Trainings

One of the best platform for website designing is WordPress. There are a number of features that make the site perform better than rest of the tools in the market. According to an online study, 30% of the websites are created using WordPress. This is because of its user-friendly and integrative layout.

But beginning from the base of grassroots is still not easy in WordPress. Unless you have a prior knowledge of coding and the platform’s usability, it would be really hard to create even a single paged website. On the basis of its high end usability and widely spread interaction, Content Writers.pk is offering the services of WordPress training.

Our Trainers:

Content Writers.pk feels proud to have the services of the well-versed WordPress developers of Pakistan. Our squad has not just performed in Pakistan, but they have even performed in other countries, which include countries from Middle East and Europe. Actually Content Writers.pk is not just a content generation company. It has its roots expanded to the corridors of business improvement and strategical decisions.

Alongside business consultation, Content Writers.pk even offers the services for individual and group improvement. That’s what brings us to the WordPress Training.

Why Choose WordPress Training?

Well there could be a number of reasons to choose the WordPress Trainings. Especially, when it is about to create a competitive and challenging website, then WordPress is the most convenient tool in the market. To go on with a developing pace, WordPress offers:

  • User – Friendliness: As compared to the rest of the web developing tools in the market, WordPress has the friendliest environment. It is easy to learn and work using this tool.
  • Adaptive Plugin Control: Beside the conventional developing features WordPress even offers the control to add more plugins to enhance the site usability and functionality. According to a recent study, WordPress supports almost 40,500+ plugins. And those plugins can be fashioned as per your needs.
  • Mobility: WordPress offers an Angular Development Environment (ADE). This enables the developers to code the web and mobile app simultaneously. The coordinates of the WordPress assemble the mobile app coding by default.
  • Search Engine Friendly Environment: SEO is the demand of all the websites in the world. There might be a few organization who may not consider getting their websites optimized. But for all, WordPress, by default offers a range of features that can help optimization to be performed easily.
  • Permalink: Instead of relying on the diaries and notebooks to keep the web addresses remembered, WordPress supports the Permalink feature. This enables the developers to tag in the extended URLs for as long as they wish.
  • Tagging: Tag as much as external content you want to your website. This agile feature is supported by WordPress
  • Multi – User Environment: Under the umbrella of a sole administrator, a number of users can work on the WordPress developed website.

Every business organization would prefer to switch to an environment having so many agile and responsive features. This is what makes us to offer the WordPress Trainings.

What We Offer?

Though WordPress is an easy platform to integrate and create websites. But there are a number of things that are supposed to be learned before working on this platform. This helps in creation of well coded and beautifully designed websites.

In the roadmap of WordPress Training, we offer:

  • PHP: When it comes to a universal web development technology, then PHP stands there at the top. Whatever the platform, OS or environment is, PHP can perform on it. There is no barrier of budget and time. It’s free and best. We at Content Writer.pk enable you to create themes for your WordPress website by yourself. Why go for the hefty premium themes or the savvy free themes? Why not create something from your own?
  • HTML: The Hyper Text Markup Language is the essence of best web coding. To make your themes respond responsively and actively, it is essential to have the HTML coding in it. We help you learn the essentials of HTML which can help you incorporate the advanced scripts into your website.
  • CSS: The Cascading Style Sheets help you in creating a visually beautiful website. It engages you HTML theme in a way that it looks attractive. Won’t you like your website look beautiful? This is where the training programs of Content Writer.pk come handy. We equip you with all necessary coding that can help you beautify websites.

Beside these extensive coding packages, we even offer the programs to learn about the basic functionality of WordPress and its tools.

Our Fee Plans:

Our fee plans are the most competitive as compared to the rest of the institutions. You can compare it our plans with the rest, and definitely find us the most economical. Beside the fee plans, we can help you get your initial web development projects from our platform, on the basis of your course performance.

So why wait, it’s a golden chance for you!

how can we help you?

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