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Cost – Per – Click (CPC) is quite important for the business who are pursuing the paid search. As the name implies, Cost per click, it simply means the cost of the ad you have posted for the paid search. Practically, CPC is the base of paid searches. It is a price of each click which the search engines charge.

Every search engine has a drive price list. Mainly CPC is priced on the cost of the keyword. If the keyword is a famous one, the more price is charged than the irregular ones. Somehow, that’s the way search engines are earning now a days.

CPC is quite important for a business. The cost determines that how much you can spend on your online marketing campaign. The lower the cost of each click, the more the campaign you can run.

While going through the CPC campaign, there is a lot of budget wasted on unnecessary errands. To keep your budged aligned, Content Writer.pk is offering its services of Cost – Per – Click.

You Have the In-House Optimization Department!

It’s good that you have gone ahead with your personal optimization department. But a budgetary analysis can tell you that how much money we can save for you. You may be having skilled optimization staff, but it won’t hurt if you try our expertise and experience. We have been in this business for long. Initially we started off with our own personal ventures. After a successful optimization, we moved on to offer our services to other businesses. We are based in Pakistan and had been providing our services to local business. But since last half a decade, we have started to offer our services to the whole world.

You can compare our prices with the budget you are spending on your in-house department. Is your campaign earning you your desired traffic? If your response hovers around a “NO” then it is evident that you are wasting your effort and money.

CPC Is Based on Competition:

Do you known that Cost for each click is derived from the competition. Generally search engines divide your competitor’s rank to your quality and add it to 0.1. The result is the cost of each click. Beside the competition, the bids on each keyword even influence the cost. The average cost is somewhere around $2 – 2.5. If you are paying more than this range, than you are merely wasting your budget.

Quality Matters:

Search engines offer discounts to the basis of the quality. The quality depends on your PPC campaign as well as your landing page. If your score is somewhere lower than 4, then search engines (precisely Google) won’t be merciful on you. And if your score is above 5, then you’d be blessed. Content Writers.pk helps you to maintain your quality so that you earn the highest discounts.

Best Keywords:

As the CPC campaign is based on keywords, the keywords are supposed to chosen wisely. Content Writers.pk helps you to pick the most suitable keyword which reflects your business. We help you keep your budget maintained by eliminating unnecessary keywords which are nothing more than a liability. Further we keep on maintaining your keywords record, so that your campaign as well as your budget stays intact.

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